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Desmond: Let me go!
Juno: On the 72nd day before the moment of awakening. You, birthed from our loins and the loins of our enemies. The end and the beginning, who we abhor and honor. The final journey commences. There is one who would accompany you through the gate. She lies not within our sight. The cross darkens the horizon.
Desmond: What are you doing?
Juno: The Path must be opened. You cannot escape your part in this. The scales shall be balanced.
Desmond: Stop. Please…
Juno: You know very little. We must guide you. Cease your struggle.
Desmond: No!

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Desmond: They escaped through here.
Lucy: What?
Desmond: Ezio and the villagers. After the attack. I can see them now.
Lucy: I know it’s difficult, but try to compartmentalize, Desmond. Focus on the present.
Desmond: What if I can’t stop the visions? How long before I start painting symbols on the walls?
Lucy: Don’t joke about that. Sixteen is dead. Let’s focus on the present, okay?
—> Assassin’s creed: Brotherhood